Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my head might as well be a pressure cooker

For one I have a headache, and have had it all day long, even after taking 2 extra strength acetaminophen, 1 Allegra-D, and 1 ibuprofen. I get headaches quite frequently, and have for many moons. If it'snot a menstrual migraine it is a sinus headache.

The real reason my head is about to explode would be the pending academic obligations that are climaxing as I type.

In class today we got our group presentation assignments, for Nur100. Each group has to present about something medically related, or something we've maybe learned about this semester, but maybe not indepth. My group is going to do animal therapy. We were originally going to do alternative healing modalities as a whole, each member taking on one therapy, but the prof put the big kibosh on that idea. So we will focus on one therapy. It's no fun having your bubble burst!

For my psych class I have to head up the conclusions section for our lab report, as well as complete a lit review for a student who dropped and left us hanging in the lurch. Then I have to combine that lit review and another one a fellow group member is writing up for the same reason, into the lit review we already have started for the report.

I have an assignment due next Tuesday for Nur100. We also have our third exam for Nur105 that day. Hence a need for studying. Luckily it's only one chapter. Don't let the meager number fool you. It is nursing school after all.

I have about 7 chapters to read by this time next week, or really by the 18th. Our next Nur100 exam is then. Of course I'll have had them read long before then and will be studying it all.

Tomorrow I have my hygiene/bedmaking skills test. You know, bed bathing, oral care, occupied/unoccupied bedmaking, blah, blah, blah. So I need to review the CD-Rom for that this evening to make sure I don't miss any of the details or reasons for why we do what we do.

The Phillies will hopefully finish, and win, game 5. It was delayed last night because of rain. If they win Big B is planning on going up to Philly for the parade and such. Normally I could careless, except for the historical aspect of a win for Philly as a whole. I wouldn't mind being part of it. Had they won last night, he would have left today for a parade he suspected would have taken place on Wednesday. Instead they will finish game 5 tomorrow, and a parade would probably happen Thursday or Friday.

Halloween is Friday-must hand out candy.

There are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week!