Friday, October 23, 2009

really miss ya much

It's quite evident by my infrequent blogging as of late that I don't have much time. I miss reading everyone's blogs like I used to. I try to catch them here and there, but am not able to keep up with them like before.

This week was great, aside from failing yet another test and having a mini mental breakdown thanks to that dreadful 74. Thanks to the support of my classmates I wiped away the tears, went back in to class and sucked it up. Tuesday we had fun in our health assessment class. We did musculoskeletal assessments. Wednesday and Thursday we started our new clinical rotation. My patient was an elderly person who had fallen and had a large supraorbital hematoma and compression fractures to her thoracic spine. The first day, prior to her surgical repair of her T-spine she identified with me as her student nurse. The next day I was her granddaughter for part of the morning, and then with her exit out of the sedative effects of anesthesia she knew who I was...then I left. However...! Before, or during, whatever.....I did do my first Foley catheter placement!

Do you have anything that you are thoroughly, without a doubt nervous about? For me it was inserting a Foley in a man. I did pretty good for a first time, and walked out proud.

Foley catheter placement-check!

H1N1 vaccine-check!

I was also given the opportunity to receive the H1N1 vaccine (mist form) while at clinicals on Thursday. I've been on the fence, but decided I don't have time to get sick, so better try and prevent it. As for the boys, I'm still on the fence. They've been exposed I'm quite certain as our public schools have been running rampant with illness. According to LB 198 people were absent yesterday. He said that if 250 are absent they shut the school down. I don't know how accurate his information is, but I do know there are plans in place for such occurences as excessive numbers of students being absent with possible H1N1. Many of the cases I've heard of have either been flu-like, or have been strep throat. Putting it simply, our county is ill!