Friday, November 21, 2008

thanks to you four!

Thanks Tiffany, PJ, Maggie and Drofen for telling me about your nursing schools!

It dawned on me I hadn't shared my information for everyone to read, so here goes:

If you have a BSN, ADN, LPN (or are working towards)?

ADN, but will most likely go on for the BSN, at least

Your biggest hurdle in school?

the transition of my program has been very frustrating

Year you graduated/will graduate?

May '10

For those in school:

What classes do you take in your first semester, and how many days a week do you attend?

Nur 100, Introduction to Nursing
Nur 105, Basic Skills, lecture
Nur 105, Basic Skills, lab

Next semester:
classes start January 12 and end May 8
NUR 108, Nursing Principles & Concepts I
NUR 136, Principles of Pharmacology I
NUR 203, Intro to Mental Health Nursing
Skills lab

When do you start clinicals?

We go to clinicals starting our second semester, at the nursing home in March/April

I'd still love to hear from more people! Don't be shy!


maggie said...

Hi, I'm Maggie from Japan. I'm a first year student nurse and RN course. I'm also a mom of five yr old girl. I'm in early 40's but I'm still thirsty for studying.
In early December my class have dissector inspection tour(sorry if my English is not proper)and a hospital tour before January's first clinicalfor a week. In my first semester, I took anatomical physiology,sociology,basic nursing skills and so on. I am so happy to know people like you to aiming for the goal. thank you!

Drofen said...

Hi Kirsten--

I'm at UT Arlington. I start the actual nursing program in January which consists of 4 semesters. However, they require you to take several nursing courses before you get into the nursing program, a good faith gesture maybe? They are Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Concepts of Professional Nursing.

Kirsten S said...


Thanks for replying! I have to say it's very smart of them to require those courses prior to starting the program, from my own experience. You've read some of my complaints, and know some of the problems. But our program doesn't even require med terminology!? I have a medical background so I'm doing ok... But there are those that the only experience they have is A&P! I could go on for hours! In theory I want to transfer, it's just easier to say than to do!

KTandEMYsmom said...

Hi! I am Melody and I currently live in Mississippi and am in my first semester of my local Community college's ADN program. I hope to graduate May'10. I am currently taking Fundamentals of Nursing, and a computer class on MOnday nights b/c I need 12 hrs total for my scholarship. Spring 09 I will take Community health
(Nur II)(OB/PEDS/Geriatrics)& b/c of scholarship Eng comp II. Sem 3 med/surg & pharmacology. Sem 4 ?? haven't looked that far ahead yet!
We started clinicals on a med/surg floor today was the end of the 3rd week. (3 days a week 1 day for pick up pt info/ meet pt & first assessment- other 2 days skills days...vitals, baths, beds, meds wound changes etc...)
Good Luck everyone!

Drofen said...

Wow, no medical terminology?

Technically our program doesn't require it either. But...I think you have to have it for one of the upper level electives, so it's just about the same as requiring it.

I think I've voiced my opinion before, but Kirsten, your program scares me. You're investing some serious time, money, and effort into nursing school. It's easy to see how badly you want this by reading your blog. You family is supporting you, and making sacrifices for you. It could really really really suck if you go to school one day and the doors are locked..........

Sarrah said...

Hi Kirsten,
I have just finished the 1st half of 2nd year, to become an RN in NZ you have to do a Bachelor of Nurisng which is a three year course. I will grauduate in June 10. The papers I have just finished are Adolescents and young adults (medical/ surgical/ mental health), pharmacology and physical assessment and history and philosophy of nursing. Next semester which is in Feb I am doing Childbearing paper, communication paper and health and kawa whakaruruhau 2 (sociology paper) My biggest hurdle would probeley be clincials which I love and they are the best part of the program, but they are usually 3 to 4 weeks (year 3 wil be 5 to 6 weeks) long, and I find I get really tired, the hours a long and it can be quite hard to juggle with children, some of the places you start at 7am or finish at 11 pm. SO you really have to get your family commitments sorted early on.

Sorry for spelling mistakes and just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments on my blog from you :)