Thursday, January 22, 2009

with gratitude

First off, I divulged the fact that I blog yesterday in lab. I was still mad upon arrival that I had to vent out loud.

Must stop or will get mad again...


I would like to thank Undergrad RN for her wonderful blogosphere. Here I've been posting the items or blogs that I come across offering great info and all along I could have been adding for easy reference to my sidebar...and that's what socialization in the profession is all about! Thanks Undergrad RN!

Today I have to go grocery shopping and on the way stop by a uniform shop I've located via the 'net to check out their scrubs supply, oh, and their shoes. I'm hoping they have shoes so I can try some on. It's a must for me to buy some decent quality shoes since I have bad hips and feet...and I'm going into nursing? Go figure!

A friend who has a sister who is an OR nurse recommends MBT, but if you know them you know they're $$$$, and if not go take a look!

After the shopping's done it's back to the books. We have our first exam in Nur203-Mental Health Nursing, on Tuesday. This psych-major-gone-nursing-student isn't taking anything for granted!


Anonymous said...

Those are sure expensive shoes!!! Go buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes for far less! You will be doing a lot of walking lol.. I also didn't mention before but the pair of shoes I wear to work I don't wear in the house or anywhere else!! You will step in things you DON'T want in your house!

Anonymous said...

PS: if you do buy some of those shoes I want to see them and check them out lol!!

KLS said...

I wont be buying them anytime soon! LOL!

Prisca said...

Thanks for your positive comment on my site--and yes, I did tag my post that way on purpose--glad someone "got it".


undergrad RN said...

Aww thanks for the props!! :D