Thursday, December 4, 2008


Happened to find a new thang to do in blogworld, and it's called "TINTINTS Thursday". You can read more about it at Mom-in-Scrubs.

A few weeks ago my 15 year old, LB, BZ, whatever I may be calling him...sometimes even "Satan", texted me from school (which in and of itself is a travesty) to ask if he could stay after to try out for "shockput".

One day soon after when we had first brought Irwin, our beloved bearded dragon, home LB asked if we should set him in the sun to bask. Only he didn't say it like basket bask. He said it like base-k. So now Irwin baskes in the sun.

When LB was about 5 or 6 we were traveling. We had stopped to stay overnight in a hotel, and were just hanging out in our room after a long day's drive. LB opens up the drawer of the nightstand and pulls out THE BOOK and says, "Oh! The holy bible". His pronunciation was bib-lee.

Yes, we're heathens. Although we believe in God, we don't go to mass, or church, or whatever. Burn or stone us at will.

When we lived in North Dakota you could see the "fallobu" roam.

So at about 2-3 we could see the fallobu, known to most as buffalo, roam; at 7 he read the Holy Bib-lee; at 12 he would put Irwin in the sun to baske; and at 15 LB is in track and does the shockput.

Yer damn skippy this is the way we say those words to this day. Never thought we'd have our own vocabulary.

How could we let him live it all down? Fortunately, he's good natured.

If that's not all enough...

Recently I heard myself utter these words I never thought I'd hear my self say:

"I flat-ironed my son's hair today." This would be my 12 year old, AW, I'm referring to now.

As in straightened with a curling iron type object, that doesn't curl; it flat-irons. My son is a so many sons are! He's into the emo thing, and many of the musicians he likes have super, stick straight hair. Yippee.

Update on the whole shockput thing...he decided to crap out on it...teenagers.


running wildly said...

This post totally made me smile. Love how you call the boy "Satan" hee hee. And with regard to straightening the other's hair, well, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Heather said...

How cute. Emo is very big here too. But it cracks me up that the emo dude wants to primp. How totally cute. I only wish you had a pic up to embaress him with. hee hee.

And I bet he was the best emo-ist kid around... all bc of you. Yah, it makes a mom proud. :)

Kirsten S said...

"Satan" he is! Especially when he's picking on AW!

But I love them both!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Thanks for Playing!

I linked you...let me know if you play again!

Nice place you got here...:)