Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter on the keaster


This day couldn't be any longer! So I started "walking" this past week. I started using two crutches then worked my way to one and now I rival a good horror flick. I went from a Frankenstein-like gait of only a few steps to a zombie-like shuffle to wherever I need to go.

We have a firepit in our backyard, down the hill from our house. We made our way down last night and after some s'mores, drinks and a few laughs with friends we made our way back up. I thought for sure going back up the hill was going to be a huge challenge, but it wasn't so bad.

That is until today, it wasn't so bad! Aside from a bath, going up and down stairs and cooking dinner I've spent the whole day on the couch.

Really I'm in way better spirits than I had been. I think this newfound mobility has improved my outlook and taken away some of the bitter I felt. People tell me not to overdo it, but no one should waste their breath! My right foot continually lets me know if I've overdone it or not.

Mind you, it's to be expected that there will be some periods of pain. I mean I'd be pissed too if I was carrying around weight that I thought I wasn't going to carry around any longer! Jokes on ole Righty! There's even more weight than before! I don't think there's a lot more as all my clothes still fit...just fit.

As time goes on I'll be able to do more and more, eventually allowing for ass-reduction activity. I'd tried the treadmill right after becoming weight-bearing on Righty again and lasted two whole minutes. Then my physical therapist told me it's probably a good idea to hold off until I'm actually bearing more weight on the foot. That was almost two weeks ago and progress has been made.

Maybe I'll give the treadmill aka Beast another try this week. I do get to take a mommy vacation Wednesday of this week until Monday of next and could always use the treadmill at the hotel. I'll probably be clocking some decent walking time in though, so no need to push it.

I'll be sure to have my supply of ibuprofen stocked up along with finding out where the ice machine is located.

It's all an adventure! Now to put an end to this long day with a good book!

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