Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well, wait no more. We were supposed to hold off on replacing Magilla, but Big B found her replacement and got a pretty good deal. We didn't go for the Kia Sorento as previously suggested, but will be driving our third Chevy Equinox.

I'm not very eager to get back behind the wheel right now, but going ahead and purchasing a car will give me the incentive to do so, I suppose. It also affords my friend(s) the opportunity to not use their own vehicles when taking me to appointments and such.

My current ride is doing quite the good job of getting me around the second floor of our house..... Did she say "second floor"? Yep, you read it right.

I butt-scooted my way up to the main level of our house! Big B came home from work early on Monday, MLK Day, and gave me the "push" I needed and then proceeded to move all my belongings up from AW's room to LB's room. I never thought I'd spend this much time in either of my sons' rooms. It has greatly improved my outlook since I was going pretty stir-crazy down in the basement. The main level has all the huge windows allowing natural light in and the ability to look out and see the world. That and the fact that the kitchen being on the main level means I can do more for myself. I helped cook dinner last night and even made Rolo Stuffed Sugar Cookies thanks to Pinterest.

This morning I butt-scooted down to the basement to head out for today's appointment with the orthodontist and his chipper crew. I had to retell my story (twice) and endure one of the hygienists persistent squawking about popping wheelies in my wheelchair. After replacing my wires and plugging them in with all purple rubberbands we left and headed out, without popping any wheelies, to Petco and Panera for some lunch. I should be set when the discomfort sets in from getting new wires, thanks to already being on pain meds. I am taking them less frequently and this time I know it's ok, since it's not due to the post-surgical or accident injury pain. I can manage some aches and such with Tylenol. As long as I keep prgressively healing and feeling better, it's all good!

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