Thursday, October 30, 2008

tortured no more

Phillin Phine in Philadelphia.

So I've caught the bug. Who wouldn't especially being somewhat of a history buff? I watched, along with a zillion others, as history was made last night!

In a world where so much can be depressing this was a sheer moment of joy. If only you could have seen the look on my husband's face.

Big B is heading up to NJ this afternoon. He's from the Trenton area, which I guess you could say is the sister city to the city of "brotherly love." He'll stay at his dad's house tonight, wake up tomorrow morning and set out with his brother to Philly so they watch the parade.

Wish I could go, but the boys have exams today and tomorrow, and I have to study along with completing some assignments.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Brad Lidge after throwing winning pitch,with Carlos Ruiz, photo courtesy of The Charlotte Observer

photo courtesy of Associated Press

Ryan Howard just before dog piling his teammates, photo courtesy of Reuters

Chase Utley celebrating with champagne, photo courtesy of Associated Press

Cole Hamels won 2008 World Series MVP, photo courtesy of Reuters

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Heather said...

hey kristen, congrats on winning the game...I know you helped, hee hee. My final is in 2wks. Then we have 4 wks of preceptorship.......THEN..I'll be done!

Good luck on all your exams, girl.