Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forty-six days

On December 5th I take my final exam for UMUC, for my B.S. in Psychology.

It's been a long time coming.

I am a military wife, an Air Force wife to be exact. My husband retired from the AF, this past August after 21 years and 21 days. As any military spouse will affirm, we make many sacrifices.

Up until recently I've followed my husband from Greece when we were newly engaged, to North Dakota, to the Virginia Peninsula, to Italy, and now back to VA-this time Northern VA, supporting him in his military career.

In 2001 we left the good ole U.S. of A. for a four year assignment to Italy. Prior to this I had been in a pre-nursing program, but had switched gears with the orders to go overseas. I started with UMUC soon after settling in to our new home. Not wanting to write any more papers than necessary, I opted not to go with a major in English, for one in Psychology. At this point I was leaning toward a career in education, and figured a psych degree would articulate toward education or if I changed my mind, again, nursing. There were no other suitable choices for me anyway.

Now that Big B's retired I am able to press on with my career aspirations. After working in the public school system for a couple of years, and always yearning for a career in nursing, I've come full circle and whilst starting that endeavor, am finishing up the B.S.

There are many times I have found that abbreviation fitting.

It is time, and you will hear me from afar as I shout for joy.


Gina said...

I am in Aviano with my husband right now...supporting the career.
How ironic, I found your blog b/c I am want to be a nurse someday.
Obviously not being able to do the nursing over here, I am pondering what I will do at UMUC here in the meantime.
I dont want to lose to much brain between now and when we are finally stateside again.
Do UMUC credits transfer well into a nursing program? I really want to knock out some nursing prereqs while I am here.

Kirsten S said...


I tried to go to your blog but it said it could not be displayed. Is it set to private?

Anyway, let's make the discussion a little easier. Email me at Krysanthemom2 at yahoo dot com.

Hope to hear from you soon and I'll answer all your questions, if I can! =)