Sunday, October 26, 2008

unlike dazzled, more like frazzled

Just taking a moment to whine. I have oh, about 4 chapters to read before Tuesday, and my first ATI test to take tomorrow afternoon. At least it's not much to worry about, it's just a critical thinking test-nothing that could be studied for.

Weekdays are so much better than weekends. I only have the girls to contend with, not that they're simple or anything.

What else? Oh, yes my psych class lab group had to submit our results section for our study by this evening. All thanks go to one member of the group, who so gallantly took on this task of enormous proportions, being that it was the statistical nightmare portion of the study. The other member of the group and myself have just suffered through a stats class together, this past summer. Stats is not a class to take online, but there really wasn't much choice, since the closest UMUC campus to me is TOO FAR AWAY! Anyway, we didn't really learn much, sad to say. Put it this way, if I were to go further in psych, such as at the grad level, I would take another stats person, nonetheless. So she and I let the boy(well as compared to me, at my ancient age, he is a boy!) do the work. Never fear, we've pulled our weight in other areas, and will do so for the duration.

This coming week we have to complete the conclusions section. We are lacking some sources from our literature review because our fourth member dropped the class without warning, leaving work to be done.

So yeah, add all that together with the upcoming Nur105 skills lecture test on the 4th of November, the necessity of reading the ATI Fundamentals book, and oh let's not forget, an assignment due on the 4th, I'm a bit frazzled. This is all not to mention the family, the dead plants out in my garden, the toilets that need to be scrubbed, catbox needing a scoop or ten, and far be it from anyone else in the family to enter the kitchen and actually prepare a meal for anyone else!

Let me just go pour myself another glass of wine!


DBS said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I came to check yours out and thanks to you I have updated my blogs look. I posted about it if you are interested in reading it.

Good luck with all your assignments. It will all be worth it when you are done with school. In the meantime, hang in there, and yes wine helps!

School Nurse Jack said...

Cheers, Kirsten! I hope all went well today with your group project.

I am having a hell semester - a major Advanced PathoPhys test plus an elective class paper due tomorrow. No wine for me until Friday. Then I will drink AND eat Halloween candy while I enjoy all the kids coming to my door. (My own two will not be home. :-(