Saturday, November 29, 2008

craving mad

We made it home this afternoon after three delightful days spent in NJ.

Wednesday we spent relaxing, and then went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, with my father-in-law, his girlfriend, and a family we're friends with. They also have two boys, but their's are younger than ours. They're hilarious kids though! For instance, when my husband was down in the den, the younger one (6 year old) happened to walk in and my husband asked, "Who the hell are you?" Low and behold if the little guy didn't repeat the question verbatim, and with just as much gusto as my husband! The things kids say! That's not the worst of it. Sure, my husband shouldn't have said "hell", but that pales in comparison to some of the other things these kids said!

Thursday ended up being far more enjoyable than I would've ever guessed it could have, considering we spent it with a few people we'd never met before. We went to my father-in-law's girlfriend's house. Her son, her daughter, the daughter's husband were also there. Everyone was really nice and got along quite well.

I took a book bag with me containing my psych book and my nursing book. Did they ever see the light of day? Nope! I'll be getting back into full swing...starting tomorrow.

Today I've spent recovering from last night. I went and spent the day with some friends we had been stationed with a while back. We had a great time hanging out, eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and drinking wine.

I drank a little too much! The hangover started in the middle of the night, and lasted well into our drive home today. I was able to sleep it off, but have still not felt 100%. So I'm spending the day doing some more relaxing, which will probably be very good for me to prepare me for the next two weeks.

This week I have to do the last assignments for my psych class, and my FINAL final for my B.S. is Friday night! You probably already knew this since I've mentioned it a zillion times! Tuesday my group does our presentation for Nur100, and Wednesday is my last skills test. This one is O2 administration, trach care, urine specimen collection, and blood glucose testing. After this week I'll just be studying for my nursing class finals on the 16th.

All this and I have yet to buy a single Christmas present! Yikes! Tomorrow I'll probably go do my grocery shopping, along with some Christmas shopping. Then I"ll come home, put everything away, and start studying for everything!

About that craving, it has to do with hormones I would venture to guess. I take Quasense, a generic form of Seasonale, which is one of the birth control pill choices where the woman has only 4 periods a year. I take this sort of pill because I get menstrual migraines. So I take it to avoid having the migraines monthly. Because I've been so busy with classes, and other life matters I haven't taken the time to really sit back and think about it, but that's something I should add to my to-do list for break, and that would be figuring out how effective this really is. I still get the headaches pretty frequently, and usually at about 6 weeks prior to when I'm supposed to have my period.

That's not all, here it is a month away and I am having insane chocolate cravings! It all drives me mad!


studentrntiffany said...

Have you thought about taking the pills without a break? I take the same and I dont take the placebo pills, so I go an entire year without a period. Its not a indicated use, but you can ask your doctor about it.

Just a thought! Good luck studying!

Drofen said...

I hope you find a solution that works for you. It's such a risky thing monkeying around with hormones--definitely not an elegant solution.

Oh, and for us older young people, prophylactic B vitamins with stave off hangovers. :)