Monday, November 24, 2008

made some changes

let me know what you think of my new banner! I made it all by my lonesome!

I'd also like to add something else I'd like to do, to the list I made in the post earlier today. I'd like to catch up on the books I've been meaning to read. Wouldn't you know each and every one of them is about nurses!

The first is Nurses: The Human Touch by Michael Brown, R.N. I started reading it earlier in the semester when I thought I had some time. Ha! I did get halfway through it!

Next we have, A Nurse's Story: Life, Death, and In-Between in an Intensive Care Unit by Tilda Shalof.

My final selection is, Touched by a Nurse: Special Moments that Transform Lives by Jim Kane and Carmen Germaine Warner. This and Nurses: The Human Touch are both anthologies.

Since I'm not going to study for the rest of the evening I just may go curl up in bed with Nurses, well and the hubby, too! He'll be thrilled, I'm sure!


Drofen said...

Ooo, thanks for the book suggestions!

I like the new digs, much more chic. :)

andrea said...

Cute banner :)

Kirsten S said...

thank ya, thank ya very much!

DBS said...

Love the new banner. How and where did you do that?

Kirsten S said...

DBS~ Thanks! I used my Printshop Deluxe program, that I use to make greeting cards, and other things. I used clip art from the files on it, and just adjusted everything to my tastes. It took a little bit to get it sized rightn and I had to crop it so the white space wasn't left around it. Then you just add it as a photo to your header on your layout page. I also went into the HTML and adjusted the code for the banner that is in place, so the border is not seen.