Thursday, November 13, 2008

weirdest thing

At least once a month I head to Quantico to do our grocery shopping at the commissary. The route we take is all rural highway and is about a 45 minute drive, usually. Today it took a little longer.

As I'm rounding a curve I see some vehicles up ahead that are creeping along at a snail's pace, so I figured there was an accident since it was raining. As I get closer I see a sheriff's car with it's lights going, but there's no mangled automobile anywhere to be found. Instead it was this monstrosity, as you can see from the following pictures. It was in a line of vehicles, from the rear forward, that included the sheriff's car I just mentioned, the monstrosity being pulled by some whacked out semi, some weird looking truck in front of it, and another sheriff's car.

When I say creeping, I mean creeping. We were going about 10 mph at best! It was wild! There was no point in getting mad, since there was nothing that could be done about it!

Now I've seen my fair share of oversized loads, but never one that takes up the whole road, being led by the sheriff's car that was ahead by at least 1/2 mile. The deputy was signaling to oncoming drivers to pull over. That's easier said than done considering there aren't anything you could call shoulders on this roadway, for a good part of it. Many times they had to pull off into the sporadic driveway or a patch of grass.

We've been stationed in places where it's not uncommon to come upon a military movement transporting nukes. This didn't look like a nuke anyway. It kind of spooked me because I had never seen anything like it. I did take notice of the fact that there were no army tanks around. So that was reassuring.

The point we were at where I was able to take the photos was a turn. It took forever for the semi to make the turn, and once it did they pulled off to the side and let the line of us that had become a part of the caravan move on. Thank heavens! That was definitely STBTF!

As I passed I took notice of the GE logo, so it's apparent it is just a big component from some power plant around here.

In the second and third photos you might notice the poor guy who was riding on some sort of seat at the rear of the trailer.

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