Monday, December 1, 2008

what now?

Wow, I'm sort of

I was just on my psychology classroom website, going over what's expected of us from here on out. I finished all of my assignments, so really all that is left is my final exam. That's it.

I've been going to this school for oh, about 7 years now. Graduation is something I have yearned for and never thought would happen. In 29 days I will officially graduate and be finished. I will walk at commencement in May, because our school only holds one commencement ceremony.

What next? That's actually a pretty dumb question considering nursing school and all! But that's how I felt after looking over my grades. Three things still need to be graded, two of which are solely for extra credit.

I have an A in the class, and have contemplated not taking the final. Of course, that is totally out of my character-but it's tempting to go out with a bang! No, I will take it because in some sort of weird way it will provide closure.

The real test will be containing my excitement long enough to walk out of the room, so as not to disturb the other test takers!

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Heather said...

wow, good for you! Keep going, you've got the momentum goin' for ya!