Tuesday, January 27, 2009

been in a funk

Yesterday morning I woke up and upon checking messages on my cell phone was greeted by a message that caused me to be a little disgruntled. No need to rehash the message itself. Sometimes things get to me, after all I am pretty sensitive. The message was from a "friend", and well it said something that hurt my feelings. For the past 36 hours or so it's grated on my being, my every last nerve.

Time heals all wounds, and so now the pain has passed.

When I let myself end up in these situations I seek out ways to alleviate the hurt or frustration. Usually a walk down memory lane does the trick.

This time proved as cathartic as any other and I would like to share my journey.

There is no specific order that these photos are in, no chronology. It's apparent to me what could make a person smile when viewing them. Most of them are taken with a Minolta Dimage that maybe wasn't the best quality of cameras, but it preserved memories for me that may not have otherwise been.

Their expressions are worth a thousand words, and make me bubble up with laughter!

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