Sunday, January 4, 2009


I worked hard to come up with the design of both the background and the header, thanks to tips from The Cutest Blog on the Block.

As you can see the header is not centered. I've tried everything! I went to "edit html" and played with the margins and everything I could think of. I'm wondering if it may be my background, but I even tried messing around with it.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


I'd leave it, but it's the whole "order"...anal retentive need to have things just so.


AtYourCervix said...

You may need to reduce your pixels for width for the center portion of your main page. Or, perhaps a "< center >" is needed to code the blog header to be in the center?

Megan said...

I know nothing about blog design...sorry!! But I just wanted to leave a comment to say I love the new design!! Looks great! Love the colors.

Lorie said...

If you look at mine it is not centered either.. and I have NO clue how to fix it so if you figure it out let me know!! I do like the page though!!

Heather said...

I completely LOVE the look of your blog! Sooooo Cute!! You made it yourself??? I am darned impressed! I totally did NOT notice it wasn't centered until you mentioned it, but it looks like it supposed to be that way.