Saturday, January 31, 2009

really now?

Our first exam for Nur108-Nursing Concepts and Principles is Monday morning. The subject matter for the text includes oxygenation, circulation...and fluids & electrolytes with acid-base balance...and urinary & bowel elimination.

How about your program?

Have they tested you on this many topics/systems at once?

Anyway, found these two gems at Borders yesterday. I had been studying the F&E material and came across conflicting info between the oecture notes (printed from data the instructor had posted online) and the text, so became sort of confused. Turns out it all means basically the same thing. Thanks to the Mosby's Memory Notecards I figured it out!

If you're like me and it's been a while since you took A&P you might find the Cliffs book extremely useful!

All that and if you like romantic comedies you'll love New in Town!


AtYourCervix said...

I loved F&E Made Incredibly Easy. That helped me retain the info so much!
I have never heard of one test having so many different areas to test. Except for finals, or comps. Or NCLEX.

KLS said...

AYC, I looked at the F&E MIE, but had to opt for a less expensive alernative. It seems to be ok, but I do plan to purchase others in the series, as they do seem to be of high quality.

I was thinking that it's a lot for one exam! (Besides the other bigger exams!)

Heather said...

Yes, it's totally a lot for one exam, but it does seem to be the norm, especially as you get in your last 2 semesters. I used the "incred simple" series for the F/E. It didn't help me too much, but our lab instructor helped me. It's still hard for me.

and who knew that you could get cliff notes for nsg?! I sooo didn't know that. I love that. I am gonna look for some on circulation/cardiac. I have tons of info, but I'd love an abbrev. version, thanks!

andrea said...

I think I might have had a test covering almost as much subject matter in my Intro to Roy Adaptation Model (basically nursing fundamentals part 2) class. I remember it feeling like a lot because if it were a patho class it would be tonnnnns, but it turned out to test mostly about how to assess, what to look for, what something indicates... But the bottom line is it is still quite a lot!! Don't worry you can totally handle this!! :) Godd luck!

ps. My brother and his best bud from school had birthdays this week so sorry this wish is belated...

KLS said...

H-The Cliffs notes book is awesome! It has just the right amount of information needed for a review on A&P!

A-Thanks for the bday wishes! Belated Happy Birthday to your brother!