Monday, February 16, 2009

drama free as of late

This past weekend pretty much went off without a hitch. It's either restrictions placed on AW keeping him from causing too much frustration or Murphy decided to visit someone else, maybe both. The weekend was also pleasant considering it was Valentine's Day on Saturday. I've eluded before to the fact that birthdays and romantic holidays have not received the attention desired by me, but so far this year has been a bit different. Maybe it's just my standards have lowered. Who knows? Bottom line I don't have any complaints from the past few days, even Saturday!

Friday we sent the boys off to the skating rink that has reopened after closing several years ago. It's a great thing for our area considering there's not much to do around here, especially this time of year. Big B and I watched Pride and Glory with Ed Norton and Colin Ferrell. We gave it a thumbs up. Earlier in the day I was able to get in some worthwhile studying.

Saturday we spent being lazy, I did some studying and then we topped it all off with a great dinner. When we were in Italy we dined at several favorite restaurants, and I've tried to replicate some of the recipes we enjoyed. Big B loves the steak with arugula, parmesan and balsamic vinegar. We had that with a side of risotto with mushrooms. Our beverage of choice was Cabernet Sauvignon. I think I'm allergic to red wines. Everytime I drink one I end up with a massive headache that same night.

We'd rented two other movies for the weekend. Saturday night I ended up viewing one of them by myself as the guys gave it a thumbs down! I liked it though. Dorothy Mills,a psychological thriller set in Ireland is sure to give you goosebumps.

With our second Mental Health Nursing exam tomorrow I was able to squeeze in some studying for it, and medications and perioperative nursing for our other classes.

Sunday was yet another lazy day, the highlight being our viewing of Fireproof. Big B and LB watched it with me, even though they spent more time making fun of it than anything else. I swear sometimes I think I live with two fifteen year olds! It was a good movie, despite the poor acting. The theme was definitely something any couple could take something from. The guys were pretty irritated that there wasn't more firefighting in it. I think the movie left its mark, however temporary, on Big B as he was sweeter than he'd been all weekend. He bordered on syrupy, sickening sweet. I love that guy!

Nonetheless we all got along for the most part, there weren't any teen/preteen related incidents and I was able to get a moderate amount of studying in!

Besides our MH exam tomorrow we have our Pharm class and we'll be going over IV meds. I've got basic drug calculations down, but the IV meds are giving me a little more grief. I just need to practice more than I have been.

A classmate called me after class today and told me about an article concerning the turnover rate for new nurses and how some hospitals are dealing with the issue.

Today's another one of those days, after so many of feeling confident and sure of my decision to become a nurse, where I have repressed feelings come back to haunt me. Back when I was active duty confidence was not one of my vocabulary words, so I struggled with a lot. At 38 I'm more confident than I was at 18-19-20, however, like I said, it's insecurities that have been living at the back of my mind resurfacing. As the days press on my classmates and I are facing our first clinical rotation together and it's at a long term care facility. Actually two groups are going to one LTC and a third group is going to the other LTC. In many ways I'm so excited, but also extremely nervous. I feel like that 19 year old again! I look forward to the experience feeding into a heightened level of confidence for me.

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KELmomRN2b said...

Best of luck with your first clinical rotation! I remember my first patient ever, and probably always will. :)