Thursday, February 5, 2009

gone and done it

Ok, for some odd reason we were required to have our uniforms ordered by February 2nd. I haven't been able to make the trip to the store we just had to order from, since it is an hour away. It's in a town that I have no other reason to go to, and usually don't even go near. I made half a day of it. There were other tasks that needed to be accomplished, such as purchasing pet supplies, shoe shopping and I wanted to stop by Books-A-Million to see if they had a book I was looking into. My first stop was the uniform store and I took the ten minutes to try on the size the woman predicted I would need and place my order for the uniforms. I even paid a little extra for her to ship them to me, rather than me having to make another trip across Virginia.

Come to find out the reason behind the February 2nd deadline was because the store places the order every other week and that would allow enough time to place orders and receive them, and then have our patches sewn on all before we start our clinicals March 11th. If I'd have been comfortable in knowing what size I actually needed I would have gone ahead and ordered the stuff online, but was so unsure I decided it was in my best interest to just tke the road trip. As it is they should arrive on my doorstep sometime at the end of this month.

I've also placed an order for my shoes. I did that just a few minutes ago from here at home. I'd already tried them on, and after exhausting hours searching for a perfect pair, decided upon Grasshopper's Stretch Plus Sneaker, shown here

They are incredibly comfortable. It feels like you're stepping on pillows, and in a way you are since they are padded that well. I wanted to find a certain pair of New Balance shoes that came highly reviewed but wasn't able to find them in stores.

Our pants taper down the calf somewhat and I think these more slimlined shoes will look better. Do the people who picked these ugly pants out not understand that they are not flattering to anyone!? Let alone those of us who already hippy???

I'd mentioned that there was a rumor going around that our program is under the proverbial microscope. Come to find out it is a fact.

A classmate encountered a graduate from our program, from this past year, and this person told her of the 20 who took the NCLEX only 4 passed. Lovely. So yes, I will definitely be applying for a transfer. If for some reason I do not get to transfer I will invest in a NCLEX prep class!

Would someone like to take Murphy off my hands for a while!?


andrea said...

Eek, those are not good stats.. NCLEX review is always to our benefit though. Good luck!! No matter what YOU ARE AMAZiNG at what you do!!!

Megan said...

Wow! We get to pick out our own uniforms. There are criteria, they must be white and all that other stuff. Isn't it crazy all the stuff they expect? Our school is super strict too. There is a lot of pressure because the past few classes before us had 100% pass rate on NCLEX. It would be just my luck to be the one person to fail:)

mamabunga said...

Emily took a NCLEX prep course. Talk to her about itwhen you ask about the PDA. She went to SW Texas Medical Center School of Nursing in San Antonio. Good luck!!