Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no rest for the weary

Yesterday we took our 3rd exam for Nur108, Nursing Concepts and Principles. Many of us were left feeling broken and abused. Evidently there were about 5 questions that ended up being, well...questionable because I went from an 80 to a 90. That would be one point away from failing to a high B. I'll take it. From the sounds of it I had one of the highest grades. That sounds pretty crazy to me, even now, because as soon as I'd finished the test and turned it in I thought for sure I was going to see a lot more wrong answers than I did. Even crazier is the fact that I didn't study as much as I should have! Remember, last week....little motivation...

Today we took our 3rd mental health nursing exam and it was a more pleasant experience than yesterday's. I'm extremely happy with my grade, which is also a 90. If nothing else I'm consistent. Once again I didn't put as much effort into studying the material as I should have. I'm not going to complain though, just do better time management and learn from my complacency.

My complacency, lack of motivation, whatever, caused me to have a near anxiety attack on Sunday. It dawned on me that we only have 6 weeks left in the semester until finals week! If final exams aren't bad enough we have two ATI tests to look forward to, one for fundamentals, and the other for mental health. I'm not a big fan of the ATI modules so I've actually ordered a couple of other books to help me prepare. I'm going to have to focus on the end prize. Short-term we're talking the end of the second semester of nursing school, and long-term would be becoming a nurse and living out a dream.

Tomorrow we start our clinical rotation at the nursing home. My classmates and I are somewhat disgruntled because not a one of us feels like we're prepared to walk into our perspective LTC facility tomorrow. I have angst over not knowing if I'm supposed to look forward to the first couple days being spent as basically a shadow or are we supposed to jump right in and take over. If that's the case, well um...hello???

Oh, geez...can we say nervous?

I also have to condition the boys into getting up a tad-bit earlier than usual so I can get out the door and not have to worry about someone oversleeping and missing school. There isn't a lot of parking at the place we'll be working at, and so we've been advised to carpool. A classmate has offered to meet us at the local grocery store parking lot so we can pile in and head over. Well, depending on how the boys do will be the deciding factor in my being a participant in said carpool, at least in the beginning. By skippy the boys will learn after this week what's expected of them on Wednesday and Thursday mornings!

Friday I have an interview at one of the local hospitals for a summer position as a nurse extern. I ended up only applying at two hospitals, the two closer ones to be exact. This summer I also have to take A&P II, since the school only awarded me credit for A&P I from my prior A&P class. When I took it it was a one semester, 5 credit class, whereas now it's a two semester, 8 credit class, so I have to make up the 3 missing credits. I also have to take nutrition and development. My school isn't offering A&P II at all, at either campus. One of the other local community colleges is offering what is probably my best option, considering I am planning to extern, and that is an online A&P course! It may sound somewhat daunting, but after taking the plethora of online courses I have, I know I will manage. One of my instructors also informed me she's going to be offering an online section for the N&D class.

The only problem is with the two classes I need to take I am left taking a total of 5 credits this summer. To keep my student loans from my BS degree in deferred status I have to maintain half-time status. Normally that would mean 6 credits. I do need to clarify that it's the same for summer classes. If it is than I need to come up with one more credit. Other CCs are offering other nutrition classes, for more credits, so I may take that route. I also still need Developmental Psych, (yes, even with a degree in psych, I've never take Dev Psych)! I plan to CLEP out of it.

I'm so tired I am bailing on the family baseball player for the second night in a row. Last night I bailed to stay home and study, that and the fact that the game was quite far away. Tonight's game is even further and it is still so cold out that I've decided to play the part of the errant parent. I still have drug cards to write up too. I feel horrible though. Last night I misssed two awesome plays made by LB, and will probably miss more tonight. I don't usually do this, but I guess this would be one of the mom-is-a-nursing-student-sacrfices I knew I would be faced with on this journey. Still doesn't make it feel any better.

LB has ended up playing on the JV team, much to his pleasure. I think he got kind of irritated with the Varsity team because they weren't as cohesive a team as the JV group. He'll see way more playing time on JV anyway. Selfishly speaking I prefer the JV team since I know more of the parents, and a couple of them are some of my closest friends. One mom and I met and have become friends because our boys have been on the same teams together for a few years now. She's bailing too, because of the cold. Heck, it's nearly 6:30 p.m. and 48 degrees out! Don't get me wrong, if it were a home game I'd be there!

It's time to take my weary behind and go write up the rest of my drug cards!


Christy said...

I'm tired just reading your blog. I don't miss those study (cram) sessions. Just think, every day you are closer to the end. Keep at it, you're also getting grades along the way, which is great. BTW..if you want a new blog design, blinkie, header, whatever, just let me know and I'll make ya one. :)

Hope you get some rest!

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Heather said...

Egad! you've been busy...but not too busy to feel guilty eh? Story of us nursing-student-moms! I'm either feeling guilty for not being home/spending time w/fam ORRRR for not studying enough! We need to ease up on us, we are absolutely doing the best we can!! At least you've got lots of support!

P.S. If it makes you feel any better, the lab just doesn't help out much, but jumping in and trying at the hospital will help you feel more confident a lot faster. Don't worry, you've got help all around.

Tiffany said...

You can do it!!

How is Mental health?