Sunday, March 1, 2009

one and a half down

The end of this week will mark the half-way point of this semester, thus one and a half semesters of nursing school will be o-v-e-r! Two and a half to go! Who's counting? We're not counting summer, because well, it's summer and although I'll still be taking a couple of classes, I'll be externing (hopefully), spending time with family, going to Colorado for my 20 year high school reunion and time will fly by!

I've been busy studying, trying to fit it all in, to include the regular material along with all the ATI stuff. We have ATI testing for RN Fundamentals and Mental Health this semester. For those that aren't aware, ATI testing is a prepatory program for NCLEX. It is the company that deals with the TEAS exam. If you're familiar with HESI it serves the same basic purpose. My program uses ATI, some use ATI, some use HESI. Each semester you are required to pass ATI/HESI tests along with your regular course tests to move along in your program. If you do not pass you may seek remediation, and try again. Depending on your program requirements you may have a couple of chances, after which if you do not pass, you are out. In my opinon the ATI books, also known as "modules" are simple. They may be too simple. I've taken three practice tests and have had varying results with each. I must say, I'm thinking the "modules" are worthless. I'm all about being prepared for NCLEX, especially considering I'm in a weaker program, but give a nursing student a break!

Are there any nurses/recent graduates/soon-to-be graduates out there who feel they went to a good school and/or feel they were well-prepared for NCLEX? What were some of the materials you used?

I know I shouldn't be worrying about the future so much as just studying and working on the here and now, but I can't help but worry that I'm not being prepared. I really ought to sit down with a couple of the second year students and pick their brains.

I mentioned to one of them that I was thinking about transferring and the school I was thinking of transferring to. She looked at me as if I had been smoking crack. She said she knows students who go there and they absolutely hate it. Now this is heresay. I've communicated with one student who gave it glowing recommendations.

So I still find myself at odds as to whether or not to transfer, the decision's just not that easy to make. There are so many things to think about.

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