Saturday, March 21, 2009

weathering the storm

We've all heard of thyroid storm on some level or another. It basically takes hyperthyroidism to a heightened level. Well, I'm wondering if there isn't something similar to it, say like ovarian storm? Seriously! If this is what menopause is like than please, just shoot me now!

I go back for a follow-up to my pcp this week and originally the plan was to take me off the birth control pill. She was then going to shall we say, administer (I could say "insert" but I wouldn't want to wig anybody out or anything-haha) the Mirena for an alternate method of contraceptive. I had originally gone on a generic form of Seasonale in an effort to reduce the number of migraines I was getting. Theoretically if you're taking a pill where you only have a period once every three months you should be having eight less migraines a year. Yeah, I wish! These pills are non-formulary for Tricare and therefore we are paying non-formulary cost. In comparison to other insurances I'm sure the $22 I'm paying per pack, so $66 four times a year, is nothing, unless you consider the usual maximum we pay for prescriptions is $9. If it's not working for me why pay extra for nothing?

Next we have the mood swings. I might as well be bipolar. In talking to a friend recently I realized she has gone through this same issue. Her OBGYN put her on an estrogen equivalent. I don't know if that's what I need. What I do know is that it's probably time I ask my FNP for a referral to an OBGYN. It's time to do something about these migraines and my radical emotions. It could be a matter of going off the generic, and going for the real thing. Going off the pill all-together is probably one of the worst things I could do. Prison would probably be part of my future.

I know my mom went through menopause early, but come on.... at 38??? Interestingly enough, I was looking at a website recently about perimenopause and I have most of the symptoms except for heart palpitations.


Drofen said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going through menopause, not even close but I did suffer from migraines almost every week and a nagging headache almost daily. I was put on the same type of cycle reducing pills and I still had headaches constantly. I just recently said No more pills or hormones and got the copper IUD.
I have been headache free for 3 weeks now, its amazing. I know how frustrating constant headaches can be and I wish the best of luck in finding relief!

mamabunga said...

I started perimenopause at 33. I needed fertility meds to get pregnant again. I started the Mirena after she was born (3 yrs. ago)to regulate my hormones b/c I had SEVERE mood swing, hot flashes, slight vision changes & acne issues. No problems since! Not even a period! I love it! Best of luck to ya!

KLS said...

I didn't even consider how my vision has changed!!!

Tiffany said...

Girl, I am having a very similar dilema. I just dont know what to do. Birth control has rocked my system, and now tricare wont cover the only OCP that doesnt turn me into She-hulk.

If I didnt need my uterus I would tell them to take it and the ovaries!

Im keeping you in my thoughts!

12 weeks at a time said...

I love my Mirena, good luck!

Tiffany said...

I tagged you in a Nursing post! Stop by and see my challenge!

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