Wednesday, April 1, 2009

caving in

Ever feel like everything's caving in on you?

Yeah, that's about how I feel right about now! For one, I've been awake since 0250. At this point in time we have just over four weeks left of this semester. I have the first components of my care plan due tomorrow. It's a matter of just typing it up, but I have yet to do that. Again...due tomorrow. We have ATI testing to do sometime before the end of the semester. This would include a proctored exam for fundamentals and one for mental health. And we're supposed to fit that into our schedules? As if! We have an exam left in both classes, not including finals, and we also have another assignment due for MH. Then we're supposed to study for finals!!!

My house could use a really good, thorough cleaning.

My garden's need to be opened up for the year, not that the weather has been extremely cooperative on that front.

LB has baseball games it seems like every other minute..

AW still beats away at his drums that we have yet to get him lessons for.

I have another externship interview this coming Friday.

I also have considerable amounts of reading and studying to do.

I feel like a mountain of stress is about to cave in on me! Help!

Merry Maids anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!!!!

Rebekah said...

I will share with you the advice I tell my patients in labor. Slow down, breath. take comfort and support in the ones around who love you. You will not be left alone in this. you will get through this. You only have to do one contraction at a time.
Your process is alot like labor and its been alot longer in coming. Stay on the path even if it feels like the walls are caving in if you keep moving you can stay ahead of the crumbling walls