Friday, April 17, 2009

may 6th, come on down!

Have I mentioned how eager I am for the arrival of that very date, May 6th? Let's take a walk up the path leading to the day I will shout to the high heavens rejoicing the end of this, my second semester of nursing school.

Today...must pay bills, gather stuff for the American Legion yard sale tomorrow, work on careplan, study, LB's baseball game at 5 (away), and somehow AW has to get to the local skating rink with his friends--and I'll be in a town, at the baseball game in the totally opposite direction.
Tomorrow...yard sale (o'dark early until I wanna leave), possibly nap, study
Sunday...need to get out in that garden and at least clip back perennials, LB has his driving test/last day of Behind the Wheel, work on careplan, write up case studies for Nursing P&C, study
April 20...class from 9-12, home to study, work on careplan in the morning, class from 1-3, LB baseball game at 6, away
22nd...clinicals 0645-1230, home to study, work on careplan (hopefully should be somewhere near finished)
23rd...clinicals 0645-1230, home to study, LB baseball game at 6 @ home
24th...Fridays are study days, maybe I can actually do some housecleaning....nah that's what May will be for! We keep the house pretty straightened up anyway (Big B has slight OCD issues), LB baseball game at 6 @ home
25th...nothing planned other than studying, and LB baseball game at 1, away--may or may not go....depends on how much studying I've done, and how I feel about it
26th...Sundays are usually pretty open unless we go do something like going to the mall, otherwise I have them scheduled for studying. The careplan is due Thursday and will make sure it's done, if it hasn't been finished already.
27th...class from 9-12, home to study in the morning, class from 1-3, LB baseball game at 6 @ home
29th...clinicals 0645-1230, home to study, LB baseball game at 6 @ home
30th...clinicals 0645-1230 (careplan due), home to study
May 1st...ATI exams, 1100 and 1300 , LB baseball game at 6 @ home
May 2nd and 3rd...nothing planned other than studying and the occasional family outing
May exam for NUR108, Nursing Principles and Concepts, study for Nur203, Mental Health Nursing final exam
May exam for NUR203, Mental Health Nursing
May 6th...wake up with the biggest grin on my face and shout to the highest heavens!!!!!!! and start cleaning, gardening, and doing everything else that I haven't been able to do!

Oh and how about let's rejoice at being a SECOND YEAR NURSING STUDENT!!! We have to get there first by way of passing ATIs and finals, so....

back to the books and all the regularly scheduled programming!


Christy said...

Your schedule just gave me a splitting headache. I hope May 6th gets here quickly. :)

12 weeks at a time said...

Oh man, I'm so glad we don't do ATI testing! I absolutely hate cumulative tests! Boy your scedule is full! I thought mine was bad, I'm so glad my kids are not in sports yet!Good luck, you can make it a little longer:)

jeninthedesert said...

I am so ready to be done with my second semester, too. Since our semesters are odd, I am not done until July. *sigh* Good luck wrapping things up!!

running wildly said...

Isn't it amazing how life just keeps truckin' along, and as a student you live from assignment to assignment. I never know the current date, but I can ALWAYS tell you the due date of my next paper. Sick and twisted I tell you.