Monday, May 25, 2009

duct tape please

I'd posted my status on Facebook recently as something to the effect of "I'm falling apart" and a friend commented "You need duct tape". It made me laugh. If only it were that easy.

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My PCP wrote referrals for GI, ENT and opthalmology. I need to see GI and ENT specialists for my lump in throat sensation, as my CT scan came back clear. I need to see the opthalmologist for my vitreous floater.

It's time to dig out the referral to the OBGYN that my PCP wrote up and make that appointment. I'm convinced that it is time to switch OCPs, or go off them altogether. While taking the generic version of Seasonale is helpful for reducing the number of migraines I suffer from, it is not helping as far as other PMS symptoms go. That's if you could even call it "PMS". About six weeks into the pack I start having rapid mood swings, and basically feel like Queen Bitch. If that's not all bad enough now I'm having spotting, and haven't even missed any pills. That may just be TMI, but along with everything else I'm thinking duct tape is sounding pretty good right about now. It even comes in pretty colors!

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Heather said...

wow, thinking of you today. Yay, nothing was found on the CT, boo that you have to go to more dr's! My son does believe duct tape can fix ANYTHING, he even made a poster stating that. I think he would also LOVE the pic you put there. *shaking head* i know, i know...he's 14, and it begins....