Tuesday, May 12, 2009

reading for pleasure

No! It can't be! Shouldn't I be reading about ABGs or pharmacokinetics. Nope! Hole's Anatomy and Physiology? Not quite yet.

Right now I'm reading More than Fiends. I don't exactly remember where I picked it up, but it was on my bookshelf and it's the book of the day. So it's not War and Peace or To Kill A Mockingbird. I'm far from being a book snob who can only read classics. I enjoy a good classic as much as anyone, but I also enjoy chick lit! It's easy and fun, not to mention typically more contemporary.

More than Fiends is a great read to fill my current reading for pleasure needs. It's raw, sarcastic and keeps me laughing. It's written in first person and is almost a sort of dialogue between the main character, Cassidy Burke, and the reader.

Serious reading will soon commence. I received an email from my A&P 2 professor and she's advised us to begin reading. Classes start May 18-22. I'm attending two schools online. Besides A&P 2, I'm taking Nutrition and Diet Therapy (I personally know my professor for this class as she's one of the instructors in my nursing program), and Developmental Psych-since I haven't taken it yet, even if my degree is in Psych! Go figure. The latter two courses are being taken through my home community college, and A&P 2 is from a nearby CC.

For right now I'm sticking with easy, entertaining reads!


Heather said...

OOOooooh, I want to get that book now! I haven't started my fun reading, but I will, dang it!

And don't kill yourself with all those classes! Be careful or you'll burn out!
(though I know you can do it, you super over-achiever ;o )

Anonymous said...

Is it not the greatest feeling... to pick up a book that has nothing to do with as test!! That was the first thing I did at the end of each semester! Enjoy.

Christine said...

LOL good luck on the summer classes. I am right in that same boat May 18th starts online classes.. But I too am counting down the days until I can read for pleasure again. I have a 7 book series I ordered just calling my name. Friday baby!!

Oh and that book sounds good I may need to pick it up!!

running wildly said...

I would like to link you to my blog. Hope that's all good.

Heather said...

After my daughter and I saw the 'Jane Austin Book Club' movie we are starting one! We are starting with Pride and Prejudice. So far it's pretty fun, though not easy reading. See...there is life after school. kinda