Wednesday, May 27, 2009

they strike again

Two female Labrador Retrievers for sale....lowest bidder takes both!

The above photo isn't even from today...they were probably being bad some other day a while back.

Please excuse the (bad) quality of the following photos. The point is sure to be fully understood, quality of the photos not withstanding.

Minnie was the only one brave (read::stupid) enough to go investigate what the travesty of CWF (Canine Wrestling Federation) caused today in my living room.

The girls' antics pulled the curtains down and the left-sided curtain bracket clean out of the wall, screws and all!


Anonymous said...

LOL.... sorry to laugh but it is funny.. I can say this because it is not in my house!!! Poor Sandy and Minnie..

Heather said...

OMGosh, that is so horrid....and funny. I am sorry, but I just watched Marley and Me. And your baby looks just like Marley (although I heard they used like 8 or 12 of them) Sorry for your destruction and chaos. I play a dirge for your pups.

P.S. (concerning your response on my blog) I get nervous and excited too. I swing back & forth between nausea and elation.