Monday, June 1, 2009

blurry world

This morning I had planned on going to take Exam 1 for A&PII.

Let's back up a bit first, before I get on with my day. Last January we replaced one of the tires on our Chevy, because it had a hole in it. This January we replaced two others because of wear and tear. The other day Big B notices that the remaining tire, from when we bought the car in late 2007, was really low on air. He suspects there is a slow leak in it.

Sure enough!

This morning I get in to make my journey up north, about 40 minutes, to go take my test. (I had it planned just right--so that I'd be able to test and then head over to my ophthalmologist appointment.) As soon as I turn on the ignition the computer tells me to "check the RR tire". So I complied. It was at 12 psi. 12 psi!?!?!

Without panicking I headed to our local gas station (think Mayberry). I attempt to add air, but it's been a while since I've had to do that. I go in to find out what I'm doing wrong, and the lady who works there comes out and fills the tire to 35 psi. By this time I don't have time to go take the test first.

I really wanted to take that test first, before getting my eyes poked and prodded and my pupils dilated!!

There's a reason I named my blog Order and Chaos!

Ever had your pupils dilated? Ever attempted to take an exam, via computer after said pupils have been dilated? This is all not to mention how Dr. Poke and Prod had to manipulate my eyeball and skin around it, to inspect for any retinal tears. And this is all after getting the yellow dye dropped in. Final diagnosis is that I do indeed have a floater, and to live with it for another 2-3 months to see if gravity will take care of it. Otherwise, or if it worsens, I'm supposed to see Dr. Poke and Prod again.

As it was I didn't walk into the community college--the one I've never been to, but had to go to because it's where I'm taking A&PII from--with eyes that looked as jaundiced as a cirrhosis patient's! I did walk in with a left eye surrounded by reddened skin!

I did take that exam with blurry vision. If I didn't live so far away, and hadn't arranged to take it today whilst being in the same area for my appointment, I wouldn't have taken it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Murphy visited you today!! Hope tomorrow is better.

LivingDeadNurse said...

lol okay i know its not funny to laugh...but i can't help it...i hope the exam went well anyway...

Heather said...

EGAD! Time for a drink...or a bleeding....or banging head on table...or
ummm never mind. You are one determined girl, you have your melt down later when you have time.

Christy said...

I had my eyes dilated once and was pulled over, I was stupid enough to tell the office the reason I was speeding, was because I couldn't see the speedometer. LOL Der.