Wednesday, July 15, 2009


About four months ago I started feeling like I was swallowing over something in my throat, like a lump or a pill that had gotten stuck. I saw my primary care who referred me out for CT scan, which came back clear. They've also prescribed Prilosec--didn't work; and Nexium--didn't work.

The ENT PA and ENT physician, and gastroenterologist (GI doc) I have seen all think it is reflux. Aside from the lump in throat sensation I am not having the classic symptoms of acid indigestion.

The GI doc is going to install what is called the BRAVO pH Monitoring System. It is a little clip that will be inserted into the wall of my esophagus to monitor for acid. If there's acid, it's reflux, if not it's globus or something else. He will also do endoscopy to check out the local area while he's visiting. haha Along with the insertion of the clip I will be wearing a pager-like device that will record the results. I am also to keep a diary.

If it is globus, it is more than likely due to stress (I dunno, I am a nursing student) and will be diagnosed as globus hystericus. It is an anxiety, stress-related disorder.

For me, the worst part is it is scheduled September 8th. I have class that day, but since they don't schedule procedures on Mondays (which would be incredibly, monstrously bad) or Fridays my only choice is to miss a day of class. Tuesdays are the best for this. (no stress here...)


KELmomRN2b said...

OMG I have this same thing!! I have researched the heck out of it but can't figure out any answers. I haven't gone to a dr yet because I Know they'll say it's reflux or anxiety. My concern is that I only experience this feeling after I eat. Not when I'm upset or stressed, etc - only after I finish eating. Do you experience it at certain times? I've been going thru it for the past 6 months or so.

KLS said...

Some days it's better than others. Eating does aggravate it, especially drier foods like pretzels. I think days that I stay busy and don't over think things are the better days though. They've also got me taking Kapidex, which I'll start tonight. It's a new heartburn/GERD/erosive esophagitis drug. If it works, I won't have the BRAVO inserted, but will still be scoped. Will keep Blogworld posted!

Are you eventually going to see a doc?

Crazed Mom said...

I can relate to your stress levels. I have 4 weeks to go until graduation. Nursing school is one heaping amount of constant stress.

I hate missing class. I hope you don't miss anything important.

Best wishes!!!