Saturday, August 8, 2009

one word

It's bright and early Wednesday morning, well maybe not so bright, but definitely early. I'm ready for the day ahead. I walk in and meet up with some of my classmates. Everyone's excited to see each other since it's been a couple of months since we last met up, at least for most. We're all a little hesitant considering we are starting our second clinical rotation, yet excited all the same. We're full of anticipation. As we're chit chatting I notice everyone's stethoscopes around their necks and realize with a sudden, all consuming feeling of terror that I left mine at home.

Wait a minute! What else am I forgetting?

I set off in search of my clinical instructor. As I'm walking around frantically searching I notice something odd about my surroundings. Isn't that Nurse C? The halls are the same. There's that same old, crappy nurse's station that could use some serious updating. In fact the whole place could use some serious renovation. It's the long-term care facility where we did our spring semester clinical rotation! Why are we here again?! Aren't we supposed to be at the hospital?!

Why am I wearing only one shoe?!

I see people gathering in the lobby area. For such a small area there seems to be a massive crowd, maybe thirty or forty people altogether.

Why are there so many people? Who are all these people?

There she is! There's my clinical instructor! By this time I realize I'm wearing no shoes whatsoever.

Wait! Where's my clipboard with my skills check-off list?!

I'm rushing to reach her, to tell her I've forgotten my stethoscope, and now my clipboard. It seems I'm moving in slow motion. I can't get to her fast enough! Finally I'm there by her side, waiting for her to stop talking with another student when all of a sudden I feel everyone's eyes on me. Everyone is looking toward the lower half of my body. What are they looking at?! I also feel a chill across my legs. I look down and in utter disbelief realize I am wearing no pants.



Nursapalooza! said...

THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY! What a nasty nurse you are! :)

KLS said...

LOL! Not so much nasty as in naughty, but eww my legs are nasty!!