Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how about some kibble with that neosporin?

I walked into the house to a small mess of a shredded up sandwich bag, bandaids and some other unidentifiable something-or-another. I knew it had to have come from my clinical bag sitting innocently on the computer room floor, and I knew who the culprit had to be.

Nope, not Sandi. Sandi goes for truly edible items or garbage from food. Nope, it wasn't Sandi.

This had to be a Minnie mess. Minnie rummages through the upstairs bathroom garbage and pulls out anything she finds tempting. I won't mention the unmentionables she's dined on a time or two.

The "unidentifiable something-or-another"? A massacred tube of neopsorin.


Aside from that mess the earlier part of the morning was a success. I went and paid for and picked up my ATI books. Bottom's up: Med/Surg, child, maternal/newborn, and community health. We don't even take the med/surg ATI test this semester, but considering the girth of the book it behooves one to start reading...yesterday.

I passed the dosage calculations test. I did have trouble with the IV calculations, just as I thought I would. So, obviously I"ll be emphasizing on that area in my studies of pharmacology.

As I sit here typing I can say my bottom is quite comfortable on my new cushion. It's actually a neck massager, with vibrator. I'm not using it for that though, just sitting on it makes me feel better! It took forever to find it in Walmart. I looked in the baby section for a Boppy and came up with nothing, then went to the fitness sections--still nothing, then onto the pillows--zippo, and then it occured to me that they might have something near the pharmacy in the medical equipment section. Wrong, but on the next aisle over was the selection of massagers and such...voila! Best part is, it was on sale!

Although I have, figuratively speaking, pain-in-the-butt dog(s) and nursing school exams, my hiney is feeling more finey!


Crazed Mom said...

Our puppy got into a tube of benadryl crean yesterday. Lucky for all of us he disliked the taste intensly.

Raspberry-Scrubs said...

I couldn't help but give you an award for your awesome blog. Come pick it up here

LivingDeadNurse said...

congrats on the test...that sounds like my dog..and one question...how much were your ATI books? i have someone that is selling theirs and i want to know if thats a great deal...thanks

LivingDeadNurse said...

so i would assume that this is a great deal for the ATI books:

Fundamentals for Nursing
Community Health
Mental Health Nursing
Leadership and Management
Pharmacology for Nursing
Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing
Nursing Care of Children
Maternal Newborn Nursing
She also has the CDs for Community Health and Mental Health
Asking 35.00 for all of the ATI books and CDs together

andrea said...

You are so cute :) I apologize for my major major delay in responding/acknowledging comments. Good luck this year! Yayyyy we're almost done!! Don't forget to have fun!! <3