Tuesday, November 10, 2009

suppozin' I should mention...

Thanks to all who have chimed in on clinicals. It was very enlightening.

I should have mentioned what we do do during our fourth semester, so that we don't look as unfortunate as I might have made us out to look like. We do an advanced med/surg rotation, which includes leadership building, as well as a 3 week preceptorship. We'll have clinicals all the way through up until our preceptorship at which time we will become a RNs right hand woman or man. I look forward to this as I think it will be the most valuable experience of all, up to that point.

I'm off to health assessment class this morning. Tuesdays are usually our fun days. Another student and I, whom I've become close friends with, may as well be called Lucy and Ethel. We have a blast.

Last week we got a great laugh when she went to carry one of the mannequins off the bed we needed to use for practicing respiratory assessments on each other. Up she pulls Sheman and plop!! right out onto the bed falls Sheman's unmentionables. It was just so unexpected we found it pretty comical.

Oh well, if you can't keep your sense of humor through nursing school you may as well throw in the proverbial white towel!


Christine said...

Reminds me of the time we were in lab and doing foley insertion and I walked over to someone doing wound care on their "Pt" and said, " I need a penis, I'll give you my vagina." and then proceeded to pull it off and swap it out.

12 weeks at a time said...

WE have that same manequin! He looks like death warmed over.:)