Wednesday, May 12, 2010

getting inked

For several years now I've wanted a tattoo, but I haven't ever figured out what I wanted to live with as a part of my skin, permanently, until recently. I knew one thing I wanted was the caduceus and then also something to do with my boys. At first it seemed that having their zodiac symbols would be a good idea, but the thought just didn't inspire any creativity for me. It finally dawned on me, considering how much I love flowers, that I could incorporate the love of flowers into my design, along with making it special regarding LB and AW. Why not use the state flowers from where they were born, thusly creating a concept that is ultimately symbolic.

I'm fortunate enough to have several talented people in my life, one of whom is talented in more than one way. She happens to be an artist. I'd like to thank her for drawing a tattoo design for me that exceeds my greatest expectations.

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