Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what could be worse for a new grad nurse?

What could be worse than to find out, nearly a month after graduation, that your transcripts were never sent out to the state department of health professions?

Many of us had voiced to one another that it did seem to be getting out of hand, as far as the time it was taking for our ATTs to be submitted to us. We even called the school about a week or two ago and asked if the transcripts had been sent out. We were reassured that they had been. Interesting.

It's interesting because today one of my peers had to go to the school, after recently receiving the letter telling him that his application for licensure was complete, all that was pending was the transcripts. When he'd originally sent out his application he sent it to the wrong place. It was sent back to him and then he resent it to the right place; hence, the reason he was receiving the before mentioned letter now. He thought for sure they had to have our transcripts by now, but when he inquired he was told they didn't have his. Off to the school he went. Another of our peers was also there, come to find out hers hadn't been sent either. They had the school check to see if anyone's had.

Nope. Nada, Zilch, Zippo. Our whole class was screwed.

We were advised to test as soon as you possibly could, once you feel comfortable to do so. I was hoping to test by the time the boys finished their school year up so that I wouldn't have to worry about studying once they were home.

Now I'm...we're... still left waiting to receive our authorization to test. Hmmmm. At this point when do you predict we'll be able to schedule our exams, considering the hoards of other NCLEX test takers who, by now, are receiving their ATTs and taking up the best test dates?


Lorie said...

I know how you feel!! When I graduated I was waiting to test and about a week after someone from my school called me and said that I was missing one class and so every one else transcripts were sent mine were being held back. I HAD taken this darn class but at another college and someone along the way dropped the ball. So I was behind everyone taking my test. Hang in there.. hopefully since they were sent yesterday it won't be long!

Nursapalooza said...

wow...and how derned frustrating! The same thing happened to the class before ours. Because so many students made A BIG deal over it, they were speedy with us. You all are doing the right thing. You've all put in so much time, energy and emotion, (not even to mention the $$$!!)that you all should have them working hard to get you all ready to ATT!

Girl, hang in there, I'd be mad too!

nurseXY said...




running wildly said...

What a freakin' pain!!!!!!
No words. Seriously inconvenient.

Christine said...

When I was waiting for my ATT mine was prolonged by the school not sending my transcripts as well. I totally feel your pain!

colorado nursing schools said...

That's some serious inconvenience. You are so ready to do what you need to do only to find out that there still some pending things that you will have to wait for. Oh my! That is so frustrating.