Saturday, July 17, 2010

certs & joiners

I'm looking at different certifications and am now pretty overwhelmed. ACLS seems to be the best bet - PALS, too. What other certs are there out there that you've found worthwhile, especially as a new nurse?

Who's joined ANA or any other organizations? I'm just curious, as to the benefits.


E.J. said...

ACLS is good. With PALS, you might consider PEARS first. At the training center where I teach PALS, a lot of our adult-only nurses, new grads, and pedi non-ICU nurses tend to struggle with PALS. In PEARS, the focus is primarily on recognizing a problem and only the immediate interventions.

Much more than certs, a focus on interview skills helped me get my first job.

I'm now a member of a specialty organization, but I haven't been convinced of the benefits of ANA membership.

When you do get a job, make sure that you have malpractice insurance coverage through NSO.

Nursapalooza said...

ACLS is absolutely the best one to get. I also did the ECG cert (for heart monitors) that interviewers really like.

KLS said...

Thanks for the tips! I'd seen PEARS when I was looking up PALS.

And yes, need to update the insurance with NSO. I have it under student still and will change it, pronto!