Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh, what a relief it is!

Monday morning, around 0930 my phone rang. I looked at it and recognized the name attached to the number. It was her.

Within the past few weeks there have been many ups and downs in my professional world. I even went so far as to interviewing for a central scheduling position at The Hospital, that I was willingly going to take if it had been offered. Heck, the schedule would have been perfect. M-F, 10-1, with the possibility of going full-time, maybe. I'd been told my nursing background created interest in me for the position. I was excited.

Prior to that I'd applied for a FT RN position for the skilled unit at the nursing facility attached to The Hospital. I received a call, then, informing me that I had to choose between that or going forward with applying for the new grad program to start in July, that at that point wasn't a solid possibility. So, after thinking on it over that weekend I chose to move forward with the application for the skilled unit. At least then I'd have my foot in the door. Last week I received an email informing me the position had been filled. One of my friends, who works there, informed me that the night nurse had spoken up and taken it.

Of course, all of this came after applying and interviewing for the RN position on the ortho/peds unit in late-March/early-April.

This Monday morning my phone rang, it was her, the HR rep, and she had good news. I thought she was calling to offer me the scheduling position. Wrong!! She offered me the RN position on the ortho/peds unit! FT nights, start date June 6th! I've been on cloud 9 ever since!

Now that's a way to start a Monday! Mountain moved.


Shannon said...


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Congrats! you perfectly made it!I'm happy for you, get the best in your chosen field of endeavor. God speed! Cheer!

Christine said...

I was wondering which job you got! Congrats! Sooo happy for you, hope it all works out. Have you worked Peds before?

KLS said...

Aside from working the peds office and my youngest being admitted several years ago, and raising my own children, I've never worked with peds...oh and working in the high school as an instructional assistant. Although it's slated as an ortho/peds floor there isn't a steady peds census. One or two, here and there. It's mostly ortho patients, with the others mixed in. Nonetheless I'm up to the all-around challenge. I will be learning from excellent nurses, which I'm incredibly excited for.

Robyn said...

So happy and excited for you! Hooray!

Kresil - Nurse midwife Program said...

Take it easy beauty :)

success, and enjoy your live

running wildly ❀ said...

Cloud 9 is a wonderful place to be. Congrats again.

nursebiteme said...

i have to ask since I am new to blogger. How the heck do u add the like button to your comments?

kateeliz said...

I just started blogging and stumbled across yours. Can't wait to hear how your new job is going...hope all is well!