Monday, August 18, 2008

AW's scrapbook

I've recently gotten back into scrapbooking, which I might've mentioned a time or ten. I thought I'd share some of my favorite pages from AW's book, which I've just finished, or just some that have fond memories.

This one is from AW's preschool year. It brings back a funny memory, of his first day. I was so nervous to see my baby head off to school that by the time the bus came a few of my neighbors who knew what was going on, came outside to watch. As soon as the bus pulled off...maybe even before, I started bawling!
The next two are from AW's one and only year with t-ball...or anything to do with baseball besides being the tortured brother of a baseball player!

Next we have AW's first day of school and his school photo from first grade. We were stationed at Aviano Air Base, and that was the year the new K-12 school opened. The old school was just that-old!
AW started playing soccer when he was four. This is from when he was 7.
September in Italy is beautiful. Every year, starting the second year we were there,
we threw AW a big party. For his 8th birthday we threw
a Hawaiian themed surprise party.

That year we moved back to the states, and AW played soccer for the county we live in.

That school year the whole 4th grade went on a field trip to Learning Tree Farm. They were learning about the Civil War era. Daddy went along as a parent volunteer.
This is one of my favorite pages... probably because of the pictures more than anything! It is from the first day of middle school/6th grade and his school photo.

AW played soccer this year for the city league. The team name
was "The Annihilating Nutheads"! This is one of
my favorite two page spreads.
We end appropriately with a monumental occasion, and that was Alec finally getting his hair cut!

The end! Now on to BZ's...he has a few more years under his school belt!

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