Tuesday, August 12, 2008

let there be sight

Yep, should be studying...it is a statistics exam for heaven's sake!
Was wondering when WalMart Optical was going to call to let me know my glasses are ready to be picked up. Glasses? Yeah, if you know me you might know I had LASIK vision correction surgery in '99....so why do I need glasses? I'll tell ya. Astigmatism. Back in '99 they couldn't correct astigmatism with the surgery like they can now, so I was left with better than 20/20, but blurred, vision. It never really bothers me except at night when I'm driving, hence the need for glasses.

So, yeah, I went and found a pair that suit me, and am just waiting on their arrival. Not really looking forward to wearing glasses again, especially considering having had surgery...but it's better than driving blind!

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