Monday, August 11, 2008

backpack, tote, or messenger bag?

I'm heading out here in a bit to purchase my nursing school textbooks, but just had to sit back and blog first...

Two weeks from tomorrow I start a new endeavor in my life, nursing school. I am both nervous and excited. I'm nervous because nursing school is not a piece of cake. There will be reading, more reading, and yet still, even more reading.

"You will read more than your eyes can handle."

I've been in contact with a woman who finished up her first year, at the school I'm going to, this past May. She had many words of wisdom: from the equipment I'll need, such as a stethoscope and BP cuff, to the lab coat, to a plethora of index cards one should have in their arsenal, and everything in between. She's also informed of the testing that goes on, besides the normal tests. It's called ATI testing, and it costs $66 a semester. This is one of those finer points of pressure--if you don't pass it, after three tries, you're out of the program.

Now in my current college career I've done well, and don't mind telling you. It is something to boast about, a 3.6 GPA that is! Being a non-traditional-not-so-fresh-out-of-high-school college student I have many extraneous life factors such as my guys, that can add to the stress of taking classes. Or is it the stress of taking classes adds to the stress of being a mom? Nursing school is different. It is a different mindset. You are learning about the skills and knowledge you need to sustain, maintain, save human lives. So I feel a sort of ambivalence: do I trudge on in my current midset of working hard for A's, or do I just do what I can to get by? I guess only time will tell. Study groups were strongly suggested.

For several years, about 4 to be exact, I've been doing all my classes online. Now it's back to the traditional classroom. There's certain comfort in hiding behind a computer, you know? Now I will have to perform. I'm 37 years old, and although there will be other "older" students, there will be plenty younger ones. Many of the labs we'll be doing are things I've done in the past in my previous medical training...handwashing, bed making, venipuncture, sterile procedures, blah, blah, blah. Who wants to be the crazy old lady? Like Renny on BB10. At first she was pretty off-putting, but I've grown to really like her. She's one of my favorites, but still she gets flack from the younger houseguests.

Onto the exciting part...

I'm finally doing what I've dreamed of for nearly ten years! How cool is that? I only had to wait a little while. But now it's my time! And the opportunities that I will face over the next couple of years? Next summer I can do a paid externship if I so desire...and who wouldn't!?

My own identity. I've loved being MSgt S's wife, BZ's and AW's mom, will always love those titles...and sure for the past two years, at the high school "Mrs. S"-which as long as my kids have friends I will still be...but in two years, God willing, I will be KLS, R.N.! Sure I've had credentials and rank before but none so coveted as what my ambition will lead me to. Being an assistant, whether medical, or instructional, is not good least for me.

Meeting new people holds a certain level of excitement for me as well. I've always been a people person, although over more recent years I've closed myself off. I now realize I need to surround myself with good people. The past couple of months has shown me this. I've been somewhat lonely and it's come on since school, my job, ended. Every day I could look forward to being around good people. Sure, there are a few I DO NOT miss! So I look forward, now, to the bonds that I will undoubtedly form.

backpack, tote, or messenger bag?

Sure, not very important, what with Russia bombing Georgia, a father of an American Olympian being killed in Beijing, or even Bernie Mac's death, but it is a matter of utility for me. Even at the closest parking spots, the school is still a lengthy walk in relation to them. Textbooks are cumbersome, especially in foul weather, so a good bag for cover is a necessity. At first I wanted a new Vera Bradley tote bag, but am leaning toward a backpack...Alec seems to like his messenger bag. Decisions, decisions!

Yep, there's been a little too much free time for Kirsten...but I am enjoying it while I have it!
Please, if you've made it to the end, don't be afraid to leave me your thoughts, or comments! It seems many view my blogs, some comment, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has something to say!

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