Sunday, August 10, 2008


I Live in a small town in the country.
I Work to make those around me happy.
I Talk to my lizard.I Wish the economy would improve.
I Enjoy the company of my friends and family.
I Look at cows whenever I drive by them.I Find ladybugs in my house.
I Smell candles burning.I Hide nothing.
I Pray for my family's safety.
I Walk in the evenings...or used to.
I Write research papers...yippee.
I See the good in people.
I Sing in the car when I'm alone.
I Can make a mean lasagna.
I Watch people at airports.
I Yearn for closeness of my family.
I Daydream about my dream house.
I Want to graduate.
I Cry all too easily.
I Read trashy novels, chick lit, mysteries, and horror.
I Love my guys.
I Wonder when we'll be able to build our dream house.
I Touch textures.
I Hurt a deer when I hit it with my car.
I Fear cliffs and dropoffs.
I Hope our new president turns the economy around.
I Break up fights between my kids.
I Eat dinner with my family.
I Quit stresssing over my current class.
I Bathe regularly.
I Drink Crystal Light lemonade, unsweetened iced tea w/ sweet n low and lemon, coke zero, water, wine, whiskey sours, beer, and milk.
I Stop arguing when I know I'm right.
I Save money with coupons.
I Hug my guys all the time.
I am loyal.I Play freecell.
I Miss my mom.
I Hold people to their word.
I Forgive those who've judged me.
I Drive a 2008 Chevy Equinox.
I Learn by doing.
I Have a big butt!
I Don't socialize like I used to.
I Made banana pudding for a party this afternoon.
I Kiss my guys good night.
I Believe everything happens for a reason.
I Wait to start nursing school.
I Need to work with Minnie.
I Feel irritated in the middle of the night when I wake up, and can't get back to sleep because of my hubby's snoring!I Know things always work out.
I Wonder about some people.
I am a happy girl.

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