Sunday, August 24, 2008


You might notice some scrapbooking entries, or blogs I subscribe to. This is one of the activities I took up-again-this summer. After being inspired by a friend's scrapbooks of her childrens' school years I decided to do the same. I had two large storage boxes worth of things we've saved over the years. I set out and organized everything, for both my boys, by grade level knowing I wanted to do their books chronologically by grade. I started with Alec's book, since he's had less years to deal with as he's the youngest of the two. Samples from it may be found a couples blog entries before this one. I'm still working on Brian's, and am currently in 8th grade. Because the books have turned out to be so large, it is apparent their high school years will take up a whole new album. Once I'm up-to0date on Brian's I will take some photos and post them for everyone to check out.

Tomorrow starts a new week, and a new school year. Both boys are ready, and I imagine somewhat least to see their friends. In the morning I will battle with them over taking pictures of them. As they've gotten older they've become more resistant...much to my displeasure!

I suppose Tuesday morning I might have to have one of them take a photo of me, for my first day of nursing school. It almost seems surreal. Something I've waited for, for so long, is finally coming to fruition.

After sending the boys off in the morning, I will start my self-induced walking program. After returning home and showering I will set out to organize things for my classes, and then I just might have to go get a well-deserved pedicure!

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