Monday, August 25, 2008

thought it would never get here...

...and now it is here...and I feel like throwing up! So I'm going to keep this short, as to not psych myself out even more!

This semester I will be taking two nursing classes, Intro to Nursing and Health (2 hours), and Nursing Skills (lecture [1 hour] and lab [6 hours]), and Orientation to Health Professions (1 hour). Seems like a light load? Maybe it is. Those who haven't had any schooling have other classes, general education classes, like College Composition and Anatomy & Physiology, to take. I've done most of that other stuff. Will take care of the gen ed classes I need down the line.

Along with the six credits I am taking for my nursing program, this semester, I am also taking my final class for my bachelor's degree. It's an online, 3 credit class, but is not going to be the easiest either. It's Research Methods in Psychology, a requirement for my major-psychology. I am taking it along with my first semester of nursing classes, for one because I want to get this degree finished and it is the last class I need to graduate. Another reason is I want it over so I may focus on what is most important to nursing classes.

I've been told by a few people that the first semester is the hardest. I am prepared to meet this challenge. I will probably shed many tears, scream enough to drive my guys crazy-they're kind of used to it, and beg to quit. Quitting is not an option though. I've also been told it's the hardest thing to do, but the best thing to have done. In the end it's worth it.

Now it's time to get clothes out for the big day, to make sure everyone's taken care of, and to take a deep breath!

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