Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm pasting an email I sent recently concerning my dilemma:

I thought I'd email you concerning something that is bothering me. As you know I'm enrolled with LFCC in the nursing program. Last week we were informed that LFCC's nursing program is not accredited. The dean reassured us that there is only one VA school, that being VCU, that it will be a problem when trying to go for our RN-BSN. No problems there, never intended on attending VCU. My problem is when looking at the local hospital job site it says "graduate of an accredited school of nursing". Do they hire LFCC graduate nurses, or not?

Expounding upon this I have gone to look at GM University's, Accelerated, Second Degree BSN Pathway, on their website, and come to find out there are only a couple of prerequisite courses I need to be admitted into their program. The information states those courses are to be completed by the end of the spring semester for which you are applying for fall admission that same year. I am finishing up my current baccalaureate degree this semester, and will graduate in December. So I could apply for that pathway, finish up the prereqs in the spring, transfer to their program and still graduate summer 2010 (the currently planned graduation date.) My dilemma? Why trudge through a non-accredited program when I could end up with a BSN in the same time period?

Financially speaking LFCC is the better choice; however, if I do go on to get my RN-BSN I would still end up at a school with higher tuition, and I would end up taking classes beyond 2010. All along I've said to myself I was fine with the ADN, but I think my subconscious ambition wants more. Another con to transferring would be driving distance. What campus do they teach nursing courses at anyway?

Bottom line should I really worry about this whole accreditation thing? What is your honest opinion regarding nursing education/professionalization?

There you have it. I'm also in a state of uncertainty as to whether or not I actually want to be a nurse. Is it just normal nervousness? Or am I really questioning what I want to be when I grow up? For years now I've wanted to be a nurse. I'm very intimidated about the job itself. I keep going back to the diversity nursing offers.

Sometimes it would be nice to be three years old again and be told what to do!


Lorie said...

My school in Florida was not accredited and it has not mattered in the least in the last 11 years. As for going on to get that BSN I have personally never needed it since jobs are a dime a dozen for nurses they will take you regardless, even some management positions. Price differences were not that different in pay. I did apply to a few schools to see what it would take and I never had a problem with them taking my classes at my NON accredited school. As long as you get that RN license that is all that matters...

Heather said...

Hi Kirsten, Heather here. I didn't know where to email you so i'll do it here. I'm not sure where you live, but i'm in CA, and you have to be from an accredited school to work as an RN here. It prob varies from state to state. I am back to hitting the books, hang in there!
P.S. my daughters' name is Kierstin, close eh?

Lorie said...

I had a California nursing license and I did not graduate from an accredited school.. actually I have had Florida, California, Illinois and now Virginia RN nursing license and it didn't matter. I did work for 3 years in Florida before I applied for California so not sure if that mattered but didn't have a problem getting a license there. As long as you take the NCLEX and pass that is all anyone ever cares about!!