Tuesday, October 14, 2008

busy days ahead

ugh! double ugh! Momentarily I will be starting my day, post cup o' joe.

Our second test in Nur100 is today, after which we have Nur105 lecture. Because people have complained about the single, lonely, inept hour dedicated each week to our Nursing Skills lecture class our instructor has agreed to add an hour.

This is all well and good except for when she is also your advisor and has informed you that you need to speak to her after class today. I'd emailed her last week about my prior classes transferring-or not-and she said to see her after class on Tuesday, that being today.

So, I've been patiently waiting to hear my worst case, that they wont accept my A&P credits from long ago, or the credits for my how-to-be-a-college-student class I took at the university level for my B.S. How appropriate the abbreviation for that degree is!

What's one more hour when you've been waiting DAYS?

This is all not to mention the fact that for the next 72 hours I am going to be in school-induced, family-related hell. LB has a baseball game tonight...must attend, even at the expense of other priorities. I promised, well that may be a strong word, told, my online psych class, (you know the one I'm referring to? the one that provides my last ticket to graduation with the B.S.?) lab group that I would have my methodology for our lab done by tomorrow night.

That may have to be adjusted!

We have Nur105 lab all day tomorrow, as our group has every Wednesday.

It's sad, but true, I have to go to the cheerleading competition tomorrow night. Have to! It will probably be one of the only ones I go to in the next year and a half. It's the first for this year, districts, and is at our high school.

You're probably wondering about this daughter I must have, that I haven't mentioned before?

Yeah, daughter from another mother! I also like to think of her as my future daughter-in-law, although that probably isn't going to happen...

All this and I have to study for the Nur105 test that we have next Tuesday.

I don't know when I'll be able to blog again...will probably squeeze it in somewhere.

Must go shower, then suffer through another test...wish me luck!

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