Monday, October 13, 2008

hark! a wise decision

In the past my husband and I have been compulsive buyers. As we've aged the compulsiveness has slowed down.

Case in point, just this afternoon we made the wise choice to not buy a third car-yet. It's not necessary at this point. Our 15 year old has several months until he can legally drive on his own, so he is not in need of a car any time soon. I don't even think he really needs a car as soon as he turns 16 anyway. Not only do we add another car payment, but also the exhorbitant amount of money that we look forward (said with sarcasm) to paying for insuring a young male driver under the age of 25...way under the age of 25!

We should probably invest in this:

No really, he's actually done very well. My biggest complaint is his need to say "I know" whenever I try to tell him anything.

He is 15...

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