Sunday, October 12, 2008

supposed to be studying...

...but am full of tension, so much so I could be plucked like a guitar string and emit a note at the highest decibel possible. If it weren't for melodrama how else could I complain?

So I blog.

This will be dedicated to my second born. AW in first grade, and 7th grade.

He, although he can frustrate me to no end, gives me such joy I can't help but talk about him.

As far as frustrations go he leaves his towel on his bedroom floor, would rather give off the not-so-sweet scent of BO than shower daily (he does shower daily for school), sleep amongst a floor strewn about with clothing, books, CDs, and well, guitar strings. He has his favorite clothing and would rather wear the apparel dirty, than choose something inferior to his treasured choices.

To look at him you'd see this gorgeous, blond haired, blue eyed all black...with hair that pretty much hides the blue eyes.

All this and he is charming, so much so he doesn't go without the companionship of some pretty girl for too long. Don't fret for too long when one has broken up with him, because within a few short days he will be smiling to the name of a new lady love.

When messaging with the "ex" via Myspace, at her initiation, I'd said something about his eccentricities, more to the point about him being a little weird. His choice in music, and all black wardrobe may leave some a little weirded out. She replied that that was one thing she liked about him, that he's weird. This being said amidst some utterance of regret. Come to find out she'd only broken up with him because they hadn't talked very much.

That happens in middle school, with little chance for anything other than texting or IMing. That is of course unless you live close to one another and can see each other often, outside of school.

The new girl? A freshman in high school, and a varsity cheerleader! They've been friends since they met last year. AW, then in sixth grade, was friends with many of the eighth grade girls.

There's something about him.

He's artistic, smart, funny, kind, and anyone would be lucky to have him in there life!

He is very sweet.

Let's get back to the music. I have a newfound respect for my parents and what I put them through. I used to listen to some music that undoubtedly caused them to question my tastes. Ozzy, Metallica, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, etc. The tide has turned and there are times I think my eardrums may start bleeding...and we don't even have the music up very loud! Ever heard of Slipknot? Be afraid! Actually, aside from some of the content, the music isn't all that bad!

If you had told me years ago that someday I would have a child that would listen to the likes of Marilyn Manson I would have laughed in your face!

And I would be shameful, in the here and now!

He is very sweet, and has a slightly sinister side to him! "He" being my second born.


Since so many different people come across blogs, and read them I feel I must defend my parenting, and the content of this blog. My husband and I take part in our children's lives, and their choices. I believe parental control and involvement is the root of how we should monitor our children's choices. Some may disagree with our choice to let our son listen to the music he does. We take responsibility, and we teach responsibility and accountability. We also teach that music, television, movies, etc. are for entertainment purposes and should not be regarded as the way one should live their lives.

If you find any content on this blog offensive, by all means move on...
If you wish to pass judgment, please consider your own imperfections beforehand.

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