Tuesday, October 21, 2008


living while ability impaired

That's me, today. Dare I get behind a wheel and drive an automobile, or speak to another person, or or or, take a nursing exam? I really, seriously thought about calling my instructor to see if I could schedule to take the exam some other time. Then I thought better of it, that would be a hassle. So I hopped in the family roadster, drove the 14 or so miles in to town, none of which is remembered, and attempted to take the test. It turned out not to be such a bad deal. Checked for my score online earlier and it had already been posted--33/35. That would be a 92%.

Yeah, see...I really shouldn't even be typing! Here I am babbling on and haven't even mentioned how my abilities are impaired! Ehh, who knows? Flu? onset of sinus infection? ...just basically feeling like crappola deluxe!

Time to go crawl back into bed, and attempt to watch an episode of House.

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