Sunday, November 23, 2008

finished! finito! terminado! fini!

Yep! I just finished the huge project we've been working on all semester in our online psych know the class...the one that is my ticket to my B.S.!? We collaboratively worked in lab groups, albeit online (yes, very difficult at times), on a lab report, as well as a psychology lab poster.

Our hypothesis was that although as we age our reaction time slows, physical acitivity will have a positive effect, reducing reaction time speeds. It was a quasi-experiment and nothing to get worked up over, except for dealing with partners you don't see face-to-face. We used the Fastball Reaction Time Test as our reaction stimulus. It simulates a baseball player swinging at a ball, and measures how fast you click the mouse when you see "swing batter" come across the screen. Give it a try! We did ten trials for both our dominant hand, and our non-dominant hand.

What do you think I'm thankful for? You've got it! Having this hurdle out of the way, and being one step closer to my B.S. makes me so happy, and for that I'm thankful!!


Heather said...

congrats!! Feels so good to be able to tick something off your list hah?!

Drofen said...


So does having a BS mean you're qualified to BS the rest of us? :)

Kirsten S said...


Funny thing is I'm surrounded by BS! That's my husband's and eldest sons initials! My husband doesn't have a middle name either. Lots of BS going on around here!