Saturday, November 22, 2008

a shout out laden with irony

I have to give a big shout out to my awesomer than awesome old friend Robin Rivers, over at Our Big Earth, because of the latest blog feature article, "Love the Skin You're In-Say No to Dieting".

Check it out. You are sure to love this blogsite, especially if you're a parent...even more so if you're one of my Canadian buds! There's something there for many to take an interest in or even to be inspired by!

The reason I'm so excited about this feature article is, well because, as so many of us are unhappy with our bodies, I too would love to just love the skin I'm in! Our last post on our Nur100 classroom website has to do with what we plan to do, now that we're completing our first semester of nursing school, in an effort to improve how we go about our new endeavor that is nursing school.

Needless to say the stress level has been quite high. One of the best ways to combat stress is with fighting fire with fire, or in other words get out there and get active! Get those endorphins working for you! This is essentially me having a pep talk with myself, via this post! But hey, maybe it will inspire someone else as well.

I'm afraid I've fallen behind on my STBTF posts...oopsy! You better believe that not a day goes by that I am not counting my lucky stars for something or another!

Today I took some time away from my studies and did something irregular for my usual routine. I went with a friend and her daughter, the lovely girl I would love to someday call my daughter-in-law (we can dream...), to her cheer competition. We recently went to her high school competition, but today was her Cheer Dynasty competition, well one of many. You might say seeing all those kids who are in such great shape was inspirational, but this was an area I was already looking to improve....have always been looking to improve.

So now that I'm in the contemplative phase to make a behavior change, I must set up my plan of attack. That will have to wait until tomorrow, when I'm not so tired!

Today I'm thankful for having good friends who help to take my mind off the fact that I have finals coming up!

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DBS said...

Very important point to remember when we are feeling down on ourselves. Try to love that skin you're in and if you don't get out there and move and sweat!!