Saturday, November 8, 2008


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Before I head upstairs to delve into my nursing books I thought I'd post my daily STBTF. Today I'm thankful I had what was basically a full night's sleep last night...with the help of some diphenhydramine. I've been avoiding the use of a sleep aid, but after yesterday felt it was necessary, since I couldnt quite shake the feeling that my lack of sleep was finally creeping back up on me.


Yesterday afternoon I met with two of the other members from my group to plan our required Nur100 group presentation. Two of the members were unable to make it. So the three of us planned. We're presenting on animal assisted therapy. After doing some preliminary research we're all very excited, there's so much to cover! I'm gong to handle the programs, such as R.E.A.D. and youth at risk. I look forward to working on this, and justmay shareour Powerpoint on here after all is said and done.

Next weekend I'm holding a study group at my house. We have a few people who are struggling and I want to do what I can to help. I'm thinking of doing a Jeopardy style game. It should be fun.

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Drofen said...

Yay for study groups! :)